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About ShangRing

Quick Medical was established in 2017 and obtained approval from the Australian government (TGA Approved) to import the ShangRing device to be used in Australia.

We are the leading ShangRing distributor in Australia and our aim is to ease the procedure for adults looking to lead a healthy life post-circumcision.

At Quick Medical, we believe that all patients should have the most positive outcome and be content with the results of their procedure. As such, we aim to provide medical professionals with access to a device that ensures the patient has peace of mind and a safe and successful circumcision.

  • By providing this cutting edge technology, we strive to prevent the spread of diseases and STD’s in Australia, and provide an efficient alternative to the previous circumcision procedures and techniques.
  • ShangRing has been used successfully on patients in Australia since our establishment and results have been exemplary.
  • Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or to order the ShangRing today!

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